About Us

MedOlive´s core business is providing the American food market with the best olive oil sourcing solutions.  MedOlives is owned and operated by two partners from Bethesda, MD and Seville, Spain.

MedOlives is an excellent sourcing solution for private label extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and organic olive oils.  Because our team is both American and Spanish we find that we are especially adept at sourcing American olive oil importers with the best Spanish olive oil options.

Perhaps you did not know that Spain produces over 40% of the world’s olive oil and that the Spanish government mandates and enforces quality control standards that far exceed those applied by other olive oil producing countries.  MedOlives enjoys a special agency relationship with some of the leading Spanish olive oil and Spanish table olive providers.

Our Partnership  We are proud to have a favored partnership with the largest privately owned olive oil producer worldwide.  This company specializes in the production, refining, packaging, and exportation of Extra Virgin (EVOO), Pure and Refined Olive Oils. This company is the leading Spanish olive oil exporter to the United Kingdom and to Germany.  We at MedOlives are actively growing its U.S. market presence.

Their olive growing masters have perfected the processes of olive cultivation, olive oil extraction, olive oil preparation and olive oil pressing.  The company operates six olive oil crushing facilities in Spain and carries all the certifications expected of a leading, global olive oil provider.

Come work with us and you will receive better pricing and better quality control for your bulk olive oil and private label olive oil sourcing requirements – you will become more competitive in the American olive oil marketplace.